Old Time Radio Theater

    This is another love of mine since I was a teenager listening to KHJ in Los Angeles play the lone ranger and the Shadow (I may be wrong on that.)  And ever since then I heard allot of FM stations in LA play old time radio shows in the early 70s.  I found tapes from Braille Institute had a bunch of donated reel o reel recordings of old time radio shows so I appreciated them even more.  Well thanks to the internet and the inventions of MP3 files I have once again enjoyed the world of old time radio again.  Each month we will give you a taste of what you heard in the golden days of radio and hope you will learn to appreciate them as much as I did.  If you are a long time otr fan tell your friends about this page and enjoy the shows as much as I do.  If you are new to otr then give it a listen and close your eyes.  Let your imagination by your eyes and ears into the golden age of radio 

                                                                                                                Old Time Radio Theater Live Show

A new feature of Mikes Mess is the Old Time Radio Live show.  Every Tuesday night from 7:00PM to 10:00PM PST. (That's 10:00PM to 1:00AM EDT.)  We will feature a verity of Old Time Radio from Western's, Drama, Science Fiction, Plays, News and who knows what.  I hopw to make this a regular part of Mikes Mess, and with your help we can enjoy what is not missing on TV and Radio.  Where you use your imagination and not your eyes.  You can write me anytime with a request and comment at theater@mikesmess.com.  I hope to make this as special for you as it is for me.  So come and join me for the live or replay of this week's show and enjoy.

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(note this stream is only on Tuesday nights from 7:00PM to 10:00PM PST.  That's 10:00PM to 1:00AM EST.)

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                                                     This month presentation - John Fitzgerald Kenedy - A Memorial Album

Hi all

I know it has been a long time and I have no excuse but to say I am sorry.  I m starting over with this page and adding new stuff each month alont with the tv and movie page.  For now we will break away from the normal OTR and play a tribute to the 50th annerversery of the death of John Fitzgerald Kenedy.  He died 50 years ago today November 22, 1963.  We will not play recordings of his death but of his life.  This is an old album I got and converted it to MP3 for you to enjoy.  I will even give yo a link to download the 2 files as a zip file.  To do this you must right click the link below and it will save it to your pc for you to unzip and enjoy.  This album was recorded from WMCA Radio New York on November 22, 1963 and put out by premier albums inc.  This was a budget album you would get at the grocery store and I happen to pick it up in 1964.  So set back and listen to his speeches and the things he did for this country in what he called the new frontare and listen to how this country was in the early 60s as Mike Mess Old Time Radio Theater presents John Fitzgerald Kenedy A Memorial Album

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Thank's for checking out the Mikes Mess Theater page and If you enjoy it and have any other ideas for Mikes Mess Theater Presents drop me a line at theater@mikesmess.com



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